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How To Find The "Sweet Spot" Of Confidence

While overconfidence can make us blind to our weaknesses, underconfidence can be equally detrimental by making us doubt our strengths. The key is to find the "sweet spot" between the two extremes - what Adam Grant calls confident humility. This means having faith in our capability while being open to doubting our current solutions or approaches. We can be confident in our ability to learn and figure things out, even if we're not confident that we have all the right answers yet. Regularly reminding ourselves that we have the capacity to improve, while staying humble enough to question our existing knowledge, can help us avoid the traps of both overconfidence and underconfidence.

Section: 1, Chapter: 2

Book: Think Again

Author: Adam Grant

"To Build Confidence, Go Where You Have None"

"Confident is not the same as comfortable. One of the biggest misconceptions about becoming self-confident is that it means living fearlessly. The key to building confidence is quite the opposite. It means we are willing to let fear be present as we do the things that matter to us.
When we establish some self-confidence in something, it feels good. We want to stay there and hold on to it. But if we only go where we feel confident, then confidence never expands beyond that. If we only do the things we know we can do well, fear of the new and unknown tends to grow. Building confidence inevitably demands that we make friends with vulnerability because it is the only way to be without confidence for a while."

Section: 5, Chapter: 19

Book: Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

Author: Julie Smith

Confidence Comes From Trusting Your Abilities And Value

Self-confidence is faith in your capacity to handle whatever challenges come your way. It's not about everything going smoothly, but trusting you'll be able to manage the inevitable ups and downs. Some key ways to build justified self-confidence:

  • Distinguish confidence from ego. Arrogance is off-putting; true confidence is being secure enough to admit your weaknesses.
  • Talk to yourself like a good mentor. Remind yourself of challenges you've overcome before to give you courage for new ones.
  • Be honest with yourself. Confident people don't hide from harsh realities; they face facts head-on in order to deal with them.
  • Focus on being right, not just feeling right. Have the humility to change your mind when you get new information.

Section: 2, Chapter: 4

Book: Clear Thinking

Author: Shane Parrish

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