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Listen Like A Trampoline

According to research by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, the most effective listeners don't just absorb information - they engage in a dynamic back-and-forth that elevates the conversation. Specifically, they do four things:

  • They make the other person feel safe and supported to share their full truth, without fear of judgment or interruption.
  • They ask questions that challenge old assumptions and invite new perspectives.
  • They make occasional suggestions that build on the other person's ideas and point in new directions.
  • They reflect back what they're hearing toThey reflect back what they're hearing to check for understanding and reinforce key points.

In other words, great listeners are like trampolines - they provide a solid, reliable foundation that allows others to take risks and reach new heights. They add energy to the conversation without stealing the spotlight. They know when to be springy and when to be still, when to push and when to hold steady.

Section: 2, Chapter: 11

Book: The Culture Code

Author: Daniel Coyle

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