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You Can't Bore People into Buying

To create compelling marketing copy that emotionally moves people to action:

  • Enter the conversation already going on in the prospect's mind
  • Focus on their problems/desires, not your company
  • Use language you'd use when talking to a friend
  • Convey your authentic personality to build rapport and stand out from bland marketing
  • Address "elephant in the room" objections to build trust
  • Tell people who your product is NOT for to boost credibility
  • Agitate the pain they want to avoid and pleasure they desire

Trying to look generically "professional" with your copy makes you invisible. Entertaining marketing that speaks to emotions gets read.

Section: 1, Chapter: 2

Book: The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Author: Allan Dib

Orwell and Klemperer Demonstrate the Importance of Language in Resisting Tyranny

Lesson 9: Be kind to our language: Resist using simplistic or propagandistic language and insist on precise and truthful communication.

George Orwell and Victor Klemperer, both writing during the rise of totalitarianism, understood how language can be corrupted to serve tyrannical ends. Orwell exposed how propaganda relies on simple slogans, repeated ad nauseum, to replace critical thought. Klemperer, a philologist in Nazi Germany, documented how the Nazis used language to define groups as "other" and justify inhumane treatment.

They show how resisting tyranny means being conscious of language - rejecting cliches and propaganda, using words with precision and honesty, and defining people as individuals, not stereotypes. Defending truthful language is crucial to defending a humane and pluralistic society.

Section: 1, Chapter: 9

Book: On Tyranny

Author: Timothy Snyder

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